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The Brand

Giamor is young, vibrant and exciting leather brand designed for powerful, cool women who aren’t afraid to make their own rules (and break them too!).  Created by Gia, an Italian-born girl living in London, her ethos is to always be strong and independent.  Her love of leather inspired the name Giamor. Amore, the Italian for love and her name, Gia short for Gianna. Both combined together perfectly embodies the Giamor brand.


A real city-dweller, Gia lived her early life in Rome and later, moved to London where she immerses herself in the fast-pace, hustle and bustle of the vibrant city. London’s bright lights, busy pavements and tall, architectural buildings with hundreds of years of history thrill Gia.  The city is exciting and empowering, just like the Gia brand,  which focuses on premium quality leather clothes and accessories that look and feel incredible to wear.


Being Italian, Gia is hot-blooded, fun-loving and passionate – about her work, her friends, her family, her lovers and of course, her brand. Leather has always fascinated her, it makes her feel tough, strong but also it’s soft and buttery texture is still feminine and oozes fashionable sophistication that makes the wearer stand out from the crowd.  Leather allows you to dress to impress but also to feel comfortable and casual when you want to be.  Whether you wear it out on the town, for a candlelit dinner with your partner or pair it with jeans and trainers, it transcends fashion, it works with almost every possible combination, it’s timeless, it improves with age and when you wear Gia, you turn heads!


Gia’s own style is black stilettos, a quality black leather handbag and of course, her very own Gia black leather jacket.  She has a sharp sense of style, the perfect blend of elegance, sportwear and quality, crafted with that unique Italian “savoir-faire”.


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