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Ethical Leather


Giamor and Ethical Leather

In today’s world, there is more and more focus on environmental issues, using sustainable materials and trying to reduce our carbon footprint.  All of the above regularly make headline news and we know that leather especially, is hotly debated.  At Giamor we want you to know that we genuinely care about the environment we live in.  We want to preserve the planet as much as possible for future generations and so we dedicate ourselves to only providing our customers with ethically sourced leather.

How We Source Our Leather

So we want to provide you with some information on our ethical leather and how we source it.  Ethical leather is sustainable, because it is a by-product that comes from agricultural industries and the local farming community.  A by-product means that the animal is not used solely for its skin; it is used for food farming so the skin is secondary and not primary.  We take great care to ensure that the animals used in Giamor’s jacket and coat production are not raised just for their skins but are used for food purposes. We have a strict policy that should our suppliers be found to raising animals only for their skins, we would immediately cease working with them. 

Leather is Far More Sustainable than Manmade Materials

It’s worth mentioning that leather is far more sustainable than manmade fibres as it doesn’t end up on landfill and it isn’t manufactured in bulk quantities in factories that create pollution.  In fact, all Giamor leatherwear is handmade so there is little or no impact on the environment from factory waste and industrial fumes.  Our leatherwear is never made by underpaid workers and we absolutely do not agree with using child labour – often a problem in garment manufacturing.

Our Animals are Happy Animals!

Additionally, we take care to check on our suppliers and see how their animals are looked after.  Our suppliers’ ethos is to care and respect their animals so they have happy, healthy lives.

We Pay Fairly

You will be pleased to hear that as our leather is ethically sourced, our products have minimal impact on the environment and we guarantee that all of our local farmers are paid fairly.  Even more reason to feel complete confidence when buying a leather jacket or a leather coat from Giamor.

Natural Products for Tanning Processes

When it comes to tanning our leather to provide you with an array of fabulous colours, we used recyclable water and our tan dyes are not artificial but as natural as possible, to further protect the world that we live in.

Furthermore, we’d like to put your mind at rest by telling you that we support environmental projects and give back to our community as much as possible.  We are against human trafficking, slave trade and child labour and we are committed to using well-fed, healthy, contented animals.  The end result is a stunning, stylish leather jacket or coat that is far more sustainable than a manmade version as it will last for so many years, making it a very sustainable purchase.

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