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Three Brilliant Ways to Wear Your Leather Jacket in the Winter

Three Brilliant Ways to Wear Your Leather Jacket in the Winter

Just because the weather is about to turn that little bit colder, doesn’t mean you can’t still rock your favourite Giamor leather jacket and thoroughly enjoy its super-soft hide and exquisite details.  Our uber smart and fabulously supple leather jackets are for almost all year round use – even in the summer because if you’re out late, you’ll need something to throw over your shoulders when the temperature dips.  Now, we’re approaching the winter months (and especially in the United Kingdom), it gets exceptionally chilly in December, January and February but you can still wear your Giamor leather jacket!  Here are three brilliant ways to style-up your leather jacket in the winter:

  • Layer Up

Layering is popular and fashionable but it’s also practical, especially when it’s cold.  By layering, you can remove an article of clothing as soon as you warm up, so the most stylish women know that their Giamor leather jacket is still as much a part of their wardrobe in winter as it is the rest of the year.  Wearing warmth underneath helps, so, pair a pretty but warm nude vest top underneath a feminine blouse with a warm, wool cardigan on top.  These layers should keep you toasty enough to still use your Giamor leather jacket.  Then, put on a gorgeous, thick and long scarf that you can wrap around your neck a few times and tie in a smart knot at the front.  Your leather jacket sits nicely on top and if your fingers are cold, just add gloves!  For colder days, there’s no reason why you can’t wear a thick gilet style top or a shawl over your jacket – and there you have it, multiple layers of warmth!  One of our most popular styles, our Longer Line Biker Jacket is perfect to layer up underneath, and its quilted sleeves hold the heat in.  You can shop your very own Giamor Longline Biker here


  • Wear Your Favourite Giamor Jacket Under a Coat

Our Giamor leather jackets are too good to hide away all day and take out only when you go outside.  Stylish ladies know that they can wear their Giamor leather jacket under an over-sized coat.  This is great for really cold days when you need a jacket, even indoors and you definitely need a thick, warm coat over that jacket outside!  You’ll stay perfectly warm…trust Giamor!  This Slim Collar Premium Leather Jacket is lightweight enough to wear under a coat.

  • Leather Jackets Designed for Cold Days

Of course, the Giamor Longline jackets are specifically designed for colder days because they’re slightly longer, so they cover more of your body and these Longline beauties have extra warmth with genuine sheepskin collar and deep, sheepskin cuffs.  You won’t get cold in one of these, so shop yours here and look good while staying warm this coming winter.

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